Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Press play first.. than read.

I finally watched Drive with our man Ryan and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The film is about a driver (Gosling obviously) and how he drives for people that are committing illegal crimes. Pretty straight forward right? Also probably had the smallest script ever. Ryan played a better version of Ryan Atwood, always bruiting, barely smiles and is able to convey everything with just a look. This movie was remarkably well done but lets focus more on the star himself. 

We must acknowledge how talented Ryan is first of all with his wide range of characters. This kind of work requires Drive( I'm so punny).. wait wasn't that one of my non negotiable? yes, your right. He was sensitive, kind and bruiting. Your typical bad boy, who doesn't want one of those? 

I will for warn you it is rather gory, I will admit I had to fast forward through some parts but if your into intense killings scene and Ryan, well this is the film for you. 

I must commend Ryan's ability to pull off a jean on jean outfit as well. I don't think I've ever seen a male look so.. beautiful and bad ass. Secondly, ugh it's Ryan.

Bottom Line. Ryan you can drive my car any day.

@whitegrlproblem "A Gosling-free Oscar night is a night for getting blackout wasted, crying, and texting your ex to come over." We were deprived people. Our man totally should have been nominated for this. I like Moneyball as much as the next person but did really Jonah Hill got nominated and not Ryan?.. just saying. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sorry, its not negotiable...

My room mates read about this in a Cosmo magazine or something of that sort and its seemed to dominate many dinner conversations. The question is what are your 5 non negotiable. Here are mine

1. Smoking
I might be able to deal with social smoking but smoking in general is not an attractive habit to me. Not only their breath but the smoke sticks to everything like the inside of your car, your house. No thanks. 
2. Must have a wide palette for cuisine 
Imagine dating someone that was a picky eater. We could never go for dim sum or sushi or Thai?! It just would not work. 
3. Must be somewhat talkative 
Now yes as you can probably assume form my blog I'm rather chatty but this does not mean that I want to do all the talking. I need dialogue!
4. Drive
I need someone that has passion, has a goal and is going to make it happen. Otherwise, where are we going?...
5.  I'm kind of undecided on this one for the present moment.. humour, ability to serenade, me a good dresser. As I shuffle through the many different versions of Ryan I will just see.

Right now I'd say it would be a combination of Jacob's (Crazy Stupid Love) confidence, wealth, good style and charm with Noah's (The Notebook) sensitivity, his romantic side and  drive ( he built her a house!) So if there is a man out there like this.. call me. 

I suggest you try to figure out yours because once you find out what you don't want aren't we that much closer to finding a guy we like?.. lets hope.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sing to me!

Dearest Followers,
I'm sorry for my lack of attention to my blog. I can only imagine the disappointment you have been facing everyday, not having any witty commentary about a single ladies life.  Thankfully, I'm still here!
So today were not going to just talk about Ryan, but really my undying want and need to be serenaded
 (hopefully on key) by an attractive man with all the other traits I so desire. 

How many times have you seen in a TV show or movie where you were just picturing that doe eyed boy singing you that same love song but you! 

For all you Chad Michael Murray, Dawson Creek loving, 90s nostalgic people.. there's this.
Yeah, Joey your dad went to prison and your mom died BUT how many boys instantly fell for her?! Maybe I just need to pick up her bitchy, puppy eyed look or start tucking my hair behind my ear constantly. I may have found the secret! Focusing on CMM remarkable performance though, how cute was that?!

A little more recently one of our favourite HSM stars turned sexiest man alive was serenading Ellen! 
I may just have to put this as a pro on my list of whether or not I'll become a talk show host. Don't judge.Also how is it that as guys gets older, he fills out, gets facial hair and just becomes ten times hotter but woman, well look a lot worse. Really?! Anyways, please enjoy this. 
I also sincerely hope their not dating because Zac needs to become mine if Mr. Gosling is unavailable...

Ryan Gosling is also adorrrrable in this trailer! I have yet to see Blue Valentine because I have been told of its depressing nature and also have been informed that its like soft porn so.. I'll probably wait til I find my Ryan just so I don't spiral down. I love the trailer though!

Last but not least the scene that gave me chills, Say Anything!

So boys this is just an FYI, you can serenade me anytime. Also slow dancing in a burning room like Seth and Summer in an O.C. montage could also be acceptable. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Crazy Stupid Love

Happy Belated Valentines day kits and cats! I hope you all had a fabulous day even for you single ladies like me! Personally, I think its a great excuse to consume mass amounts of chocolate and get drunk off champagne!
Pink champagne and dollar store vday flutes.
What could be better?

My Valentine, Melissa Fox
While procrastinating studying for my midterm I decided to watch Crazy Stupid Love. Ever since I saw this movie in the summer it has become one of my favourite comedies! It also made me realize that Ryan Gosling is the man for me.

Do I find you attractive Ryan? Do you need to ask?!

Ryan's character in this movie embodies many of the qualities I would love in a man. He's a good dresser, charming, confident, unbelievably attractive and rich. Are there even men like this out there? Though he has really no ambitions in life other than to get woman, I could make it exception to my non negotiable. Emma Stone's character is even able to reveal the sensitive side of him! What more does one want?!

To harness my inner Gosling I must try to be more confident, more forward and well I'm already extremely charming (and watch the scene over several times). Even Emma Stone's character harnessed her inner Gosling! Need I say more?!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hey Girl..

Hey girl, If you swiffer my place I'll swiffer yours.
There is a photo of Ryan saying this on my bedroom door as well as several other fantastic photos from the best blog ever, around my house. If you haven't read it please do so now and reevaluate how your spending your free time?

Ryan loved it too...
Don't you just feel 10x better seeing his face?! 

This blog has brought me endless amounts of happiness. Recently a friend and I even designed photos for my friends Clara. It was a smash success needless to say.

Some of the captions were:
"Hey Girl, Let fight for gender equality together"
"Hey Girl, I get so sad when we can't watch Gilmore girls together"
"Hey Girl, I love how your so comfortable in the nude"

I'm a great friend..

Anyways I just found another site similar to Hey Girl, but for brides to be! Though I'm not getting married today, hopefully when I find my Mr. Gosling I will have these loveable photos in my time of need. Like when my mom's forcing me to wear her dress from the 80s with shoulder pads.. Its going to be needed.

Hello friends and fellow Gosling lovers, I'm sorry to report that I did not find love in a hopeless place last night. This could have been effected by my consumption of drinks last night but none the less, I will forge on. Even my room mates mother is applauding my efforts to find a man. She found this wonderful cake shaped as Ryan Gosling's face. Friends and family that are reading this.. my birthday president please? That or the man himself. Its not that much to ask I think...
Thanks again Sally!
My main man.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Crazy for you...

Lately I've been watching perhaps too many Ryan Gosling Interviews. But when your trying to cultivate your inner Gosling, what is too much?

I've learned several things:
1) Ryan has an accent that sounds like Boston or Chicago, but he grew up in Cornwall, very close to London, Ontario. I choose Western University just based on the fact that there would be a higher chance of having a Gosling sighting. That's a lie but it's a nice bonus.

2)Ryan was in the Mickey Mouse Club?! with our other favourites such as Brit, JT and Xtina. Seriously so aggravated that my parents did not audition me(even though I may or may not have been born yet).  I could have danced as well as any other musketeer with a denim on denim outfit. Af I could have been famous by now!

3)He's so funny. I think Ryan and I could stay up late chatting when we wed just having a laugh.

This is one of my favourite interview I've watched because of his humour, patriotism and his unbelievable charm.
"I wasn't talented" - Gosling.. yeah as if.


Check this one out too! No idea why they are cycling but who cares? I died. RYAN SEND ME FOOTSIE PYJAMAS PLEASE!


Now I'll I have to do is become as charming and funny. I thought I was but really seeing Ryan in all his glory, I have nothing on him. So much to learn ladies and gents! So much to learn...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

To all those girls that ride..

This is a shout out to my friend Clara Bartlett along with you equestrian girls. Who knew you and Ryan had so much in common?


This one's probably my personal fave and reminds me of my dear friend clarbear!

Dream out Loud... or on a Board?

True to my word, I have accomplished my first ever vision board! My friend and I choose to do it together. She searched for photos of Beyonce and sexually explicit photos I searched for photos of fame, fortune and really good looking men, and a killer beach bode. Though there is one photo of Ryan  its only because the massive obsession has not spread to Teen Vogue and Cosmo's recent issues. I figured Dr. Avery and Logan Huntzberger would be close seconds. My plan is to hang this board in my room and view this collage of photos to inspire me to work toward my dreams. I even have a photo of Barack Obama because my future husband will be as drive, successful and as a good father as him. And between you and I, I would do ANYTHING.. for Barack. Behold photos of my board!

Could you please look at Avery's baby blues?!
Just another evening spent crafting with Melizzle Ice

The boys on my vision board are pretty consuming,
thats okay though.

Final product minus the additional sparkles

The Notebook

As I said before this endeavour gave me the chance to watch the notebook, yet again. This time it was a little different. I tried to pick up the best features that I can take on for my inner Gosling!
- He looks good with scruff. This may not be manageable for me..
- He has amazing patience... waiting for the love of his life to come back and all
- Incredible shoulders (I should start rowing)
- He reads poetry. Isn't he sensitive?
- He can say so much in so little. See below. 

And for all of you who have never seen the notebook, bow your head and shame, drop everything and watch it NOW. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Beginning to the End..

Love is scarce in a day and age where girls are no longer asked on dates or even to dance. The world seems pretty hopeless for finding a prince that sweeps you off your feet like Cinderella's man, or even Hilary's Duff's in A Cinderella Story. I'm a sucker for Chad Michael Murray... but thats not the point. There someone ever better who we we all worship. We, meaning 300 million woman, and myself. Any of us would hook up with him, no questions asked if we ever saw him at the bar.


He's the guy that was snubbed of sexiest man alive in 2011, rows a boat like no other in the middle of various storms in multiple movies, and his abs make me want to cry. Ryan Gosling? Oh yeah, HIM.

I'm a single university student. 

Yes, university is what everyone claimed it to be but so help me, I just can't seem to find a man. I'm a tall, relatively attractive, extremely talkative, driven, smart girl looking for my own rom-com fairytale. I "specialize" in extreme cleaning, cooking and crock pots. Could someone hand me my Mrs Degree already? Then again, the crock pot has apparently gotten me no where and neither did getting extremely intoxicated last Thursday night, so I've decided to do something about it.

This blog will be dedicated to my new pursuit of cultivating my inner Ryan Gosling!

Now, I won't take all the credit for this genius idea. Actually, my wise, edgy 25 year old (so old to be so wise right?) friend suggested this man-hunting method. She, like me, was hopeless and losing faith everyday about finding a respectable man to feed her and have fun with (because that's really all woman want.. isn't it?). With hopes that one day love would arrive in her life, she took her celebrity crush Ryan Gosling, and well, focused on him... a lot. She thought about him 5 or 6 times a day, watched his movies, and listened to all the soundtracks of his movies. She decided that in order to attract her own Ryan Gosling, she need to encompass everything Ryan Gosling is. Therefore, using this newfound method, I will spend the next little while cultivating the Ryan Gosling in me. Now this may sound kind of unlikely, but my wise older friend has found herself a really cute bartender/singer/songwriter and they are happily dating. With this inspiration in my mind,  I'm going to see if she's really on to something. 

I plan to dive deep into my soul to find my inner Gosling, a pursuit I plan on taking to an even further level than my older and wiser friend. My plan includes watching every interview Ryan's ever had, listening to his band's entire discography, and of course, it gives me an excuse to watch The Notebook an obscene amount of times. I will even be making vision boards.

I dedicate my first blog post to all the single woman out there  who will hopefully benefit, if not just get a laugh, from my endeavour. Who knows? I may be on the brink of finding the secret to finding my one true love. I can dream can't I?