Thursday, 31 May 2012

Don't ever change.

In the infamous words of Gordo to Lizzie Mcguire " You Rock, Don't ever Change" it definitly applies to our  main man, Ryan. The fact that more men haven't caught on to Ryan's "swaggy"(oh yes, I just went there...) is ahhhmazing. Guys, pull it together would ya? It would be THAT much easier if Ryan's were a dime and a dozen, but than again I guess it would take away from my future husband's swag.  A girl can dream can't I? well you know this form reading my blog ;)

For all of not to love this man, he would have to stop doing so much....
Can we also address how much of a lucky betch Emma Stone is for not only being in one movie with Ryan, but two?!!!

He ever tries to make the world a better place! and hangs out in his home country, and my home country. Fate anyone?

All I can say is that Ryan can reprimand me any day. As well as having to start hanging out in the annex in hope of another sighting.

So Ryan,
Would you be my boyfriend? Imagine if Ryan did a cover of this?

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Exception - Ryan's latest.

I guess this is a good time for Ryan to use his natural voice? Am I right, it does sound like he has a  Boston accent right? Are we really sure he's Canadian....

 Ryan will be back to theatres near you in The Gangster Squad, which will be released in September just to help us get our Gosling fix as we head back to school.
Our man is back with one of my ultimate favourites Emma Stone. Like if Emma and I ever met we would be friends we would be drinking chardonnay like classy betches and talking how we wish we were more like Tina Fey or Cher Horowitz (Clueless), dining at Nobu ( great sushi, Fodor's lies though! I never saw any celebrities!!!). I would also giver her the advice she needs such as telling her to die her hair back to red immediately after filming The Ahhmazing Spiderman because it just looks so much better, no matter what Andrew Garfield would say. What do boys know anyways?! Back to the point... were they not just adorable in their last summer flick, Crazy Stupid Love? They will probably be the hottest couple to fight crime since Bradgelina. 

I'm not going to lie as you probably well know this isn't my type of film, considering 99.9% of the movies I watch are romantic comedies. Ryan's my exception... and if him and Emma Stone actually fall in love well that would be even better!

Check it out the trailer. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Call Me Maybe?

Some people have really taken Carly Jepsen's song lyrics to heart....

My darling roommate shared this with me a couple days ago.I think this is quite a novel idea. A friend of mine even gave "business cards" similar to this at a bar for her friends birthday to good looking guys. Though Carly's idea is rather simple maybe its something to think about.  Friends of mine always seem to worry about asking guys out. Though its nice to be courted of course, it doesn't always happen. So should we start being more cavalier with our call me maybes? Do we need to take more chances? For all we know that same guy is just as nervous as you! Who knows.. maybe even Ryan has his off days? 

In an age were woman are trying to move forward to embrace their inner independent career woman, it seems were still very backwards in the way we think about dating. If we aspire to live in a time where men and woman will be paid the same, treated the same, and not constantly asked to make sandwiches can we afford to have this way of thinking? Will it hold you, me or society back? Maybe we just need to channel our inner Beyonce ( #1 independent career woman) and go for it. If we have nothing to lose but everything to gain why don't we just DO IT.
Food for thought.

Summer project: Calling cards. Who knows I could even show my degrees?! MRS degree to be exact....