Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Sorry for the long delay of blog posts. Unfortunately my education doesn't realize that there are some things more important.. than well, my education.

To update you with my pursuit of Ryan Gosling.. well it could be going better. Partially because well I'm lazy and why can't some pursue me?! and two, where do you meet men with souls ( maybe that's a tad dramatic) but.. not at bars I tell you.
I actually just learnt that apparently you can meet them if you play sports so... even though I'm not super athletic I'd say I'm going to join an intramural flag football team next year though hopefully I'll meet my Ryan Gosling sooner than that.

As I have been gone for so long I have adapted and learned to lurveeeee Ryan's band... like actually.
So soothing, especially when in study mode... or when blogging about your inner Gosling.

If you frequent Facebook you may have noticed the newest tumblr fad. I'm just posing this one because  who doesn't love pizza and well its's Ryan

This reminds me that one of the key things to keep in mind when cultivating your inner Gosling is looking the part! I made this mistake last week when making photocopying in the library and I discovered there are cute boys in my program! We briefly bonded over how to photocopy, but if I looked better I would have had the confidence to more aggressively pursue this aka get his name.

I found this looking up hello giggles and well its just kind of witty. Also since this involves a scene from drive can we address how I still found Ryan sexy ( and you probably did too) after he had murdered several people and continued to walk around with blood on his jacket. Desensitization of the media? or is their really nothing better than Mr. Gosling.
Check this video out.

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Hope you all have a fabulous St. Patricks Day.. I know I will.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Its been a busy time for me but let us not forget that when the world is hectic we always have Ryan. Now that the warm weather is here as well.. the cute boys that play football on my street don't hurt either. This tweet was brought to my attention by a dear friend. There are no words that I find more true.
@VodkaVendettas "Give me liberty or give me Ryan Gosling." 
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