Saturday, 21 April 2012

Millionaire Matchmaker?

Hello my Darlings!
Though my scope for my very own Ryan Gosling has not quiet yet happened.. it turns out I may have the ability to make it happen for other people.
The other night was my last night in London for this school year. As any party going adolescent, friends and I adventured out to the bars. At one of our favourite places they have a band on Thursday night. We spent most of our night dancing in front of the band. My one friend was ogling the hot bass player the whole night. I don't know what came over me but in between sets I stepped onto stage and said
"My friend in the front, blond, leggy one over there. She likes you. Talk to her after the show or she'll be here next week." because who needs to study for finals anyways?...
The next song, Skinny Love by Bon Iver was dedicated to my dear friend.
What I would do for a dedication but alas....
 He approached her after and well.. Is it right to kiss and tell for her? Probably not. But good things came of it.
So either I need to have someone to become my millionaire matchmaker or become it for myself? I think I may see a glimmer of Mr. Gosling in myself.
Try it out kids. Maybe "I like you" could be the newest pick up line?
Ya never know. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Its that time of year again friends.. Finals.
To make studying a little better, a my dear friend decided to make her own personal hey girl.
May the force of Ryan Gosling be with you.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

So the reason I haven't been posting is I haven't been even close to finding my gosling.. so disappointing! 
I will say I have been being on my best game in the everyday to make sure I am as attractive as possible 24/7. Maybe we blame it on the fact that I hate Canadian winters, and my pasty skin isn't attractive to.. well anyone. Really all I want is to find someone to serenade me with One Direction's what makes you beautiful. Maybe I should become a groupie? the next Penny Lane perhaps...?

This picture my dear friend Elise sent me and it really brightened my day.
I hope it brightens yours. 

I'd like to imagine that Ryan will some day look lovingly into my eyes like that..
A girl can dream right?