Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Is it wrong that every time I hear Christian Grey I think of Ryan Gosling? A bit of a #whitegirlproblem I suppose or #Goslingproblem?!Lets get this trending on twitter, shall we?

I'm currently have one of the worst cases of strep throat my doctor has ever seen. My life has basically turned into my blog, ryan gosling and dreaming of eating food.  Currently I'm browsing recipes which I wouldn't recommend unless you are able to swallow whole foods, unlike me....
I did stumble upon this...
50 Shades Girls Night Anyone?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cultivating our Inner Grey

Hello fans, followers and friends,

Sorry for the lack of bloggin' this month. I was traveling France in search of Ryan for the past two weeks. Unfortunately no such luck but the fact that I discovered I find the French men are too skinny for my liking but was able to become a bronzed beach babe in my humble opinion.  Which as I hope you all know by now, nothing makes anyone look ten times better than a great tan.

Throughout my travels or shall I say in the first three days...  I successfully finished the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and can truthfully say I am currently going through Christian Grey withdrawal. This sexy smile, romantic notions and success. I'm weak at the knees even thinking about him. Though he definitely had his flaws ( which is probably an understatement). Christian Grey did have the looks, charm, drive, well traveled, non smoker and sex appeal and sooo much more. The more I think about his features the more he sounds like my perfect man... minus some  of his kinky f*****y and larger than life issues but who cares?! After having these realizations, I contemplated should I be cultivating my inner Christian Grey instead!!?

Shocking right?

This would never happen but its definitely a valid thought. Maybe for this week will name him our Gosling of the Week. For being everything our Gosling is minus the baggage. The fact that Ryan Gosling has been offered to play the role of Christian Grey in the feature film only proves this point and let us pray that he accepts. How it is possible they can make this trilogy into movies or soft core porn I'm sure many woman, as well as myself will be excited to see. Who know's maybe I will soon be discovered for all that I am and I will play Anastasia and Ryan and I will follow madly in love. Who is Eva Mendes away?! pshhhhhh

Fellow lovers of Ryan let us pray that he will accept this role of Christain Greyand make our dreams a reality!