Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Yes, I'm a little late, but should we not celebrate women everyday? I must be day dreaming about Ryan too much and not enough blogging, so I'm sorry lovelies. For this time of year I recommend you all run out and get this fabulous book. Its the perfect thing to decorate your coffee table.

The book, Feminist Ryan Gosling may not be written by the man himself but its Ryan and we ALL know he supports all women in our endeavours. I received this from my father for Christmas and was not disappointed. Who knew a twelve dollar president would be BY FAR my favourite. The reaction was greater than any clothes or jewellery I received. You know its a real obsession when.... though I may not understand every theory there are some witty pictures like above. My personal favourite Ryan refers that just maybe Hermione was the TRUE hero of Harry Potter. I'm not arguing. Also the fact that his face is on every page is not a let down.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Operation Gosling - Success!

Hello lovelies!
Hope all has been well during this dreary, rainy November. I've been on antibiotics like its my day job ,not much social activity for me. I've had to live vicariously through Bridget Jones and Colin Firth to get me through the rough times. 

As you know, cultivating your inner gosling can be a lot of talk. Wouldn't it just be easier if a cute boy just walked over to you? I just like to work on looking fabulous, My newest theory though is that those possible "Goslings" out there are just as intimidated as you. Its not like there are signs of who's in a relationship and who's not, or is that girl beside you a friend.. or more? My darling roommate and I were out and about last night (studying, I'd rather not) for our good friend's birthday. It seemed to be an extremely attractive night at the bar for the boys, and I'm not just saying that. I have high standards. Even though it seemed like a billion boys (yes, that many) were looking at us, none were coming up. This is when I found my gumption - Please see The Holiday.

This was the game plan we created. Scope, separate and succeed. I actually just made that up... but it was along those lines.  What else was I saying to myself and outloud" LET'S CULTIVATE OUR INNER GOSLING."Guess what? SUCCESS! I was even asked to dance.

So next time your at the bar and see a cute boy, just say hi. If it fails, well your girlfriends will be there to console you and make fun of you of just another embarrassing moment. That's what friends are for.

Good luck studying! 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Gosling!

On this blessed day, 32 years ago a boy was born and forever men would never again meet women's standards. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Some lovely youtube user  created this video, among others out there.
All I can say is, amount of hearts that you've broken Ryan.. oh you'll never know.

On this day I would like to thank you for everything that you given woman across the world. For without you our lives would b forever changed.
- Who would know what a tearjerker is without The Notebook?
- Who could make blood seem so sexy in Drive?
- Who could make Politics even slightly interesting with Ides of March?

or could just make any picture look so good!

Hey Ryan.. love me.

With out him I'd have no idea what an ideal man should be, have no man to worship and no one to blog about in hopes of blog fame.
So Happy Birthday Ryan, I wish you a year of happiness, love and success but most importantly that you'll discover me!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

 "In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."

This quote isn't so much for me this year but Mean Girls speaks the truth. I can't help that its raining and too cold! Enjoy this song from Ryan's Band! Happy Halloween!

Who knows, maybe you'll meet someone dressed up as Ryan. Wouldn't that be the best? One can dream!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Season Opener

Did I stop blogging? I just though of it as a build up of anticipation. Let us think of it as a hiatus break in television terms that makes that Grey's Anatomy premiere that much sweeter.
Side note - Could Dr. Avery could be my one love...? Those baby blues are too much for me sometimes.

For this blog I even searched 8tracks with the term " Ryan Gosling". Shocking eh? to set the tone for this blog. He's so talented. You all know how I feel about a casual morning courtyard serenade.

I can't say I haven't been thinking of Ryan through this hiatus. I plan a meet cute most days for when I meet MY gosling. For those of you that don't know what a meet cute is, I'll update you. Also feel free to watch the Holiday that spread this term like wild fire or spread it to me! A meet cute is when two people meet in a quirky cute way - duh?! My personal favourite was when I was in high school I used  to imagine meet cute with my dog, Diesel. I used to walk my dog quite frequently as my parents are slave drivers. In this time my dream was to run into a cute dog walking boy and well fall in love perhaps? A standard situation I suppose. It did not necessarily have to involved getting wrapped up in the dog's leashes, though how adorable would that be?! It could have been active participation on his part to see me all the time in my seasonal pink jackets and just have to meet me! Is that called stalking? I'm down. Back to my point, I always thinking of my gosling. Right now my meet cute is a meeting at night that leads us to a romantic setting of getting drunk food together. Not that romantic but I'm just trying to be a realistic modern girl. How times have changed! I will never give up on my dog walking meet cute though.

 If my explanation wasn't enough check this out. Who doesn't love Urban Dictionary!

Recently I brought out my inner gosling out for pre Halloween celebrations. I dressed up as Fifty Shades of Grey, which as you all know, I openly believe Christian Grey was modelled after the one and only Ryan.  I'm so sassy that I just created a sash of paint chips.. creating 50 shades of Grey though it was probably more like 18 but don't hold it against me. A Mr. Grey wasn't found quite yet. Can we address how creepy it is when people are wearing masks at the bar. Thank you. 

Until than I have found a substitute to soothe my lonely, cold nights.... okay it doesn't actually exist but someone get on it. I'm sure it would be the best seller for all single ladies around Christmas time!

Stay safe in the wrath of Hurricane Sandy everyone! 
Until next time! xxx
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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Colour me Ryan.

You must know you've hit an all time fame high when a colouring book of you is being published. But can we really expect anything less from Ryan?Why should kids be colouring Barbie when they could help shade in Ryan's six pack? Either way were letting the future generations have unrealistic expectations for how they look so why not about their future prince charming, or not so charming. 

It really shows that anything is possible if you just believe aka I better have my own colouring book soon. That would make Ryan and I soul mates. Jealous?

Excuse me while I get my copy...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Is it wrong that every time I hear Christian Grey I think of Ryan Gosling? A bit of a #whitegirlproblem I suppose or #Goslingproblem?!Lets get this trending on twitter, shall we?

I'm currently have one of the worst cases of strep throat my doctor has ever seen. My life has basically turned into my blog, ryan gosling and dreaming of eating food.  Currently I'm browsing recipes which I wouldn't recommend unless you are able to swallow whole foods, unlike me....
I did stumble upon this...
50 Shades Girls Night Anyone?