Sunday, 2 December 2012

Operation Gosling - Success!

Hello lovelies!
Hope all has been well during this dreary, rainy November. I've been on antibiotics like its my day job ,not much social activity for me. I've had to live vicariously through Bridget Jones and Colin Firth to get me through the rough times. 

As you know, cultivating your inner gosling can be a lot of talk. Wouldn't it just be easier if a cute boy just walked over to you? I just like to work on looking fabulous, My newest theory though is that those possible "Goslings" out there are just as intimidated as you. Its not like there are signs of who's in a relationship and who's not, or is that girl beside you a friend.. or more? My darling roommate and I were out and about last night (studying, I'd rather not) for our good friend's birthday. It seemed to be an extremely attractive night at the bar for the boys, and I'm not just saying that. I have high standards. Even though it seemed like a billion boys (yes, that many) were looking at us, none were coming up. This is when I found my gumption - Please see The Holiday.

This was the game plan we created. Scope, separate and succeed. I actually just made that up... but it was along those lines.  What else was I saying to myself and outloud" LET'S CULTIVATE OUR INNER GOSLING."Guess what? SUCCESS! I was even asked to dance.

So next time your at the bar and see a cute boy, just say hi. If it fails, well your girlfriends will be there to console you and make fun of you of just another embarrassing moment. That's what friends are for.

Good luck studying! 

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